Philip Carrillo

We promise – this will be a useful blog. We can’t stand throgs – throw-up blogs. We prefer well-conceived observation and information. Philip works with clients all over the Gulf-South and he writes about real life experiences in the field. Philip Carrillo is the author of home design + build critiques, book and art reviews, and this most recent addition to his family of opinions on Human Resources. Philip’s goal is to bring useful information to people who are interested in being better leaders in the context of HR. Human Resources to him is less about the rules and building barriers, and more about building shorter, safer bridges between your present state and your strategic vision. Philip’s home base is the swelteringly spicy environs of New Orleans, Louisiana. He has lived and worked in multiple states, including Texas, California, Illinois, DC, and Colorado. A native Texan, with a Tulane degree, his passions beyond HR are his brilliant nephews and familia in Texas, his super-hero partner, who is a custom home and commercial builder in the Gulf-South from Florida to Texas, music, reading the full canons of classical and philosophical literature, learning to speak Spanish better, gardening, design, and house-flipping.